Cultural Competence & Story Workshop

Cultural Competence & Story Workshop

Throughout February, I hosted an Interintellect series to investigate how to increase cultural competence, better workflow for international business, abate polarization, discover universal truths about morality, advance the bureaucratic system and immigration process, and create a more 'borderless' society.

It all came down to stories. Through sharing our stories and knowledge, we can spread a global mindset and pressure policymakers. But to do that, our stories need to reach people.

How? The world is full of organizations creating global communities. You need to find the one that works for you. Even though social media can help, platforms designed to steal your attention are not the most productive way of going about things.

That's why I created Without Borders:  A Series for Borderless Thinkers. An ongoing monthly Interintellect series for borderless thinkers.

*Warning. Actions speak louder than words, but here comes the sales pitch.

Over the past several years, I've worked as a teacher for Chinese, Spanish, and Canadian academies, where I taught students, both adults and children, from over thirty different countries. I've also managed teams in over 70 experiential marketing campaigns for internationally recognized brands, such as Air Miles, Dyson, and Jeep.

With my immigration experiences, podcast, and studies, I've proven my expertise in teaching, cultural competence, story editing, public speaking, facilitating group conversations, and getting people to think in new ways.

What you get

  • Techniques and resources on how to increase cultural competence and understanding.
  • Access to a global community to support your stories and ideas.
  • A chance to meet like-minded people worldwide without filtering through social media advertisements, scammers and other bullshit.

Every month, I create a presentation to support your ideas and discuss ways to create a world 'Without Borders.' I aim to foster a borderless mindset so international businesses, immigrants, third culture kids, nomads, and 'the inescapably foreign' can thrive in our globalized world.

You can purchase each salon ticket for $15 or a series ticket for $90 (save 50%), valid throughout 2023.

I encourage both attendees and paid subscribers to comment on the Without Borders articles. Culture is constantly changing, and the conversation needs to be ongoing. I also created a Google Drive folder so paid subscribers can workshop their stories and share resources outside of the monthly salon. I decided to use Google Docs and my website instead of a group on social media because 1. No algorithms to distract us 2. It's easier to edit stories and workshop ideas. You need to email me to receive editing access.

If you can't afford the subscription fee but want to join the workshop or Without Borders: A Series for Borderless Thinkers, please let me know, and we will work something out. I don't want to limit voices.

Stories by the Inescapably Foreign - Google Drive