Travel Series

Travel Series

Every medium and form of storytelling has a different function. For me, written stories are best when you have enough time and mental energy to imagine the characters and world an author creates. The same goes for oral storytelling, but when it comes to discussion-based podcasts, they're most useful when hashing out ideas or when you want to make monotonous tasks like cleaning and driving more enjoyable. And when it comes to getting information quickly, there's nothing like reading an article or textbook.

You can read and hear all you want about a place, but nothing is convenient as watching a travel series when you want to experience the vibe of a new culture. The Without Borders travel series isn't about showing you the "Top 10 most Instagramable lo que sea" or "Coolest blabla in blabla." Nor is it about giving a bunch of information – I write articles for that.

Without Borders is a series that embraces slow travel and getting out of your comfort zone. I show you the vibes in non-touristy places or offer new perspectives in popular areas.

Donations help me to travel in more sustainable ways and support local projects.

E9 - City or Festival Grounds?

Most people have heard of Fallas in Valencia, but another festival happening 60 KM North is equally wild and much less touristy –– Magdalena in Castellon. For nine days, the entire city turns into a festival grounds. Nine days of nonstop partying, hikes into the mountain, flower offerings, parades, fireworks, and the most firecrackers you'll ever hear.

E8 - The Loudest Celebration on Earth

Valencia's Fallas Celebrations have hit the mainstream tourist radar, but there's an equally loud and fun celebration around the same time, 60 KM North. Nolan compares Fallas to Magdalena – a less touristy festival for those who want to experience nonstop partying "community Valencia style."

E7 - Tenerife & Carnival 2023

Nolan explores hiking trails, local drinks, and how the island has changed, both in the south and north of Tenerife, before heading to Carnival in Santa Cruz. He also goes to Mount Teide –– after a car crash, that is.

E6 - How Cold Water Immersion Keeps me Going

Check out the research to find out if cold water immersion is right for you. You can listen to a two-hour podcast by Andrew Huberman and cross-check the studies he mentions. You can also watch the condensed version and check out Wim Hof's 7 ways to jump into cold water.

What about those who know the root of their depression but can't fix it? Those with the right values, who don't care about material gains but want enough to afford what brings meaning – be that instruments, art supplies, schooling, travel – but don't have much time because soul-sucking jobs and schedules make it challenging to spend time with loved ones and their "tribe."

You might tell them to pursue a job that brings meaning into their life. Well, that's what I've tried to do throughout my adult life, but my pursuits have often ended up in failure leaving me with thoughts I don't want to have.

If our goal is to create something that connects, educates, or puts smiles on peoples' faces – whether that be through music, writing, art, film, research, or science – but our ideas and creations never reach the public due to the lack of connections, algorithms, or bad timing, how do we keep up the motivation?

Adjust the goals, try new techniques, and enjoy the process, right? But I think everyone has a certain threshold for failure or rejection. In those cases, at least for me, it does come down to neurotransmitters and hormones, not just reflecting on the root cause, changing tactics, helping others or connecting to loved ones. For me (and I know many others), cold water therapy, exercise, meditation, and anything that builds grit and ups dopamine naturally are what keep us going.

E5 - Atrichoke Party in Benicarló

Last time, Nolan told you that Spanish people will use any saint excuse to party. Turns out they use vegetables, too. Nolan Yuma and his ex-pat friends go to Fiesta de Alcachofa in Benicarló, Spain. A small town in the Valencian community where they're the only foreigners walking around.

E4- Paella Festival Benicassim

Nolan Yuma parties in Benicassim for Dia de Paellas, one of the most anticipated events in the Castellon area for locals. Nolan interviews people from all around the Valencian community to find out what makes paella authentic and breaks down the misconceptions other guiris (white-ass foreigners) have about Spain's most famous dish.

E3 - Searching for Spanish Gypsies (Gitanos)

After living in Spain for 2.5 years, Nolan wants to investigate why there is so much racism towards gitanos (gypsies) in Spain.

E2 - Exploring gentrification in the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Barcelona.

Nolan Yuma visits the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Barcelona while exploring the effects of gentrification and "guiris" on locality.

E1 - Spanish drinking culture = Drinks for Breakfast

Nolan shows us where to get some of the best carajillos in Spain as he explores the morning drinking culture and goes to some of his favourite brunch bars (bars para almorzar) in Grao de Castellon.