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E24 Working as an Iranian Expat in Africa & a Refugee in Belgium

Nolan Yuma and Vida Razavi talk about life in Iran, Eastern Africa, volunteering (and all the corruption involved), intersectionality, growing up in a hierarchical society, how to adjust to high-power and low-power distance cultures, and immigration.

Vida Razavi has lived in 6 different countries and three continents as a refugee, student, volunteer, freelancer, and researcher. Vida studied physics as her undergrad and has master's degrees in sociology and developmental studies. Her passion for social justice and participatory democracy led to various career moves and eventually brought Vida to her current work in an umbrella organization for gender equality.

E 23 - Dr. Michael Brein The Travel Psychologist and Ufologist

"You have to give them the opportunity to express themselves," says Michael Brein, and that's what I hope to have accomplished in this interview. Michael Brein is referring to his interviews with people who have experienced the paranormal. Michael discusses his books and opinions about travel as Nolan asks questions about cultural competence, how religion affects psychology, and what Michael's experience with the Peace Corps was like.

You can find all of his work on his website michaelbrein.com.

This is a great episode for English learners as we speak slower than in some other episodes. You can find the transcript here.

E22 - Fixing Misconceptions about Africa with Marmalade

Nolan Yuma and Tola Alade, the CEO of Marmalade venture, talk about the misconceptions people have about Africa and how Marmalade fixes them through branding and raising awareness about African entrepreneurs and artists.

Nolan and Tola share their opinions about critical race theory, Jordan Peterson, the rhetoric around slavery, and how to unify instead of divide.

Subscribe and support Marmalade: https://www.marmaladecollective.com/

Creating a World Without Borders

This is not an episode from the WithoutBorders podcast. I was interviewed by Linus Lu at Interintellect to talk about The Without Borders Salon Series. I would love for you to join the monthly discussion. Click on the link to find out more.

You can listen to the interview on YouTube or listen in higher quality here.

E21 - Dr. Forcina's Immigration Story: Italy - Argentina - America

As a child born in Italy during World War I, Dr. Salvatore Forcina's early years were spent poverty-stricken and without proper shelter. Like many Italians at the time, his parents followed a migration to Argentina. Shortly after arriving in Argentina, he was indoctrinated and abused in a Catholic boarding school for seven years, as they offered the only available avenue for "educating" the boy.

His indefatigable determination eventually compelled him to enter and graduate from medical school, emigrate to America and become the chief of surgery at two major hospitals.

Preorder Dr. Forcina's book.

E20 - How ChatGPT influences language learning and its ethical implications

Chat GPT researcher, Monica Albini, shares her insight on how Chat GPT impacts the educational industry and its ethical implication. Monica also shares her experiences as an Italian and Czech person living in Switzerland and Spain.

You can access the transcript here.

E19 - Acculturating to Canada & Slovakia Travel Tips

Nolan talks to his friend and former colleague Eva Briatkova about her acculturation and immigration experiences in Canada. They discuss what it was like for her to find work as a nurse and paramedic, cultural comparisons in drug use and open-mindedness, why nurses love to party, the experiential marketing world, acculturation techniques, and more. You'll also get some tips about travelling in Slovakia.

You can access the transcript here.

E18 - Discussing self-esteem, culture and morality with Dr. Steven Heine

Nolan Yuma meets one of his intellectual heroes, Dr. Steven Heine. They discuss culture, how crops affect sociopolitical views, self-esteem variations around the world, morality, and Steve's latest book, DNA is Not Destiny.

You can access the transcript here.

E17 - Belgians vs. the Dutch + Becoming Irish

Don't confuse Belgians and the Dutch. Rosie Van Den Broek and Nolan Yuma discuss cultural and psychological differences and how they affect business and travel. Rosie also talks about her experience moving to Ireland and why she had to change her name. Nolan and Yuma also touch on identity, politics, the king of Belgium, blackface, and and why beer keeps people from becoming separatists.

You can access the transcript here.

E 16 - Why Travel? With Dr. Matthew Niblett and Dr. Kristine Beuret

Dr. Matthew Niblett and Dr. Kris Beuret talk about their book Why Travel. Matthew and Kris share some personal stories about their gap years and travel experiences only available in this episode. Together with the host, Nolan Yuma, they explore new insights and questions that will lead to future research in the fields of travel and transportation.

You can also learn more about the Why Travel project at whytravel.org. You can also learn more about the authors and access the transcript here.

E 15 - Partying with ISIS & Rave Culture

Nick Synnott tells us how he ended up partying in an ISIS recruitment centre. Nolan and Nick then discuss rave culture and how it varies worldwide. Nick then reveals how writing about the weed industry in the early 2000s got him in trouble with the US Government. You'll also find out how Nick unwittingly woke up in a different country without a visa.

E 14 - Exploring European Identities & Separatists

Silvio Ivicic, a cameraman for the VRT (vlaamse radio en televisie or the national public-service broadcaster), talks about immigrating to Belgium from Croatia. Nolan and Silvio discuss various regional and national identities and how it has affected their lives.

There were some sound issues with this episode, so I recommend watching it on youtube. I have broken it down into sections for those who want to listen to a specific part.

You can access the transcript here

E 13 - Adjusting to France & How to Better Immigration

Dexter Docherty, an oxford graduate now working in public policy, shares his insight on creating a fairer, borderless world and why every great city smells like pee. Keaton Jackson shares his experiences in France and Canada as Nolan guides the conversation from nudist spas, freezing your SS Johnson off, immigration, protests, how to create a more just world, and French food.

You can access the transcript here.

E12 - Misconceptions about French Socialism & Work Culture

Keaton Jackson shares his experience as a landscaper in Vancouver, Canada and Paris, France. He shares his insight on what it's like to be a union worker versus a private employee and the difference between working in Canada and France. Nolan and Keaton also discuss certain misconceptions some people have about France's safety nets and working culture. They finish the conversation by discussing shit sandwiches, prejudice against Europeans in small North American towns, and why cities embrace people from diverse backgrounds.

You can access the transcript here.

E11 - Empowering Women through Borderless with Tima Deryan

Nolan and Tima expand on last week's episode and dive into the different ways people can become part of the Borderless NGO. They discuss feminism, gender essentialism, and how Tima empowers Arabic women around the world. Tima Deryan became the 1st Lebanese woman and youngest Arab to summit Mount Everest at 26 years old, but you can learn about that on CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, and every major news channel.

You can access the transcript here.

E10 - Youngest Arab to Summit Mount Everest Joins Borderless

Tima Deryan became the 1st Lebanese woman and youngest Arab to summit Mount Everest, but you can learn about that on CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, and every major news channel. In today's episode, we focus on the Borderless NGO. Borderless is an independent Lebanese non-profit organization with a mission to create a life-changing impact on the lives of vulnerable families. Tima and Nolan discuss how to volunteer, intern, and work for Borderless while focusing on the mental health aspect of the organization.

Make sure to tune in next week as Nolan and Tima hone in on cultural superstitions and ways to empower women in the middle east and around the world.

You can also find a link to Tima's book, Curly Adventures.

You can access the transcript here.

E9 - Breaking American Stereotypes

"Opinions shouldn't define who you are; if they do, you'll never change them."

Walden Hudson (IG @Walden.Hudson) describes people's stereotypes about him as an American and how he works to break them. Nolan and Walden differ in their views about gun control but discover they have more in common than they think.

Check out "The Men Who Swallow" if you're interested in learning more about culture and why opinions shouldn't define us.

You can access the transcript here.

E8 - A Tearing Decision During COVID

Nolan Yuma and Walden Hudson expand on their previous conversation about work culture in the United States versus New Zealand. Waldon Hudson (IG @Walden.Hudson) opens up about his family and friends that passed away during the COVID Pandemic and one of the hardest choices he ever had to makeā€“go back to the United States to assist his family or stay in New Zealand to keep his job and everything he has worked for over the past several years.

You can access the transcript here.

E7 - Bogans, Rednecks and Nudity in New York

Nolan Yuma and Walden Husdon (IG @Walden.Hudson) relive their first encounter and reveal how Nolan ended up naked in Times Square and in Walden's manager's basement. Walden then tells the story of how he went from being a model and actor in New York to a Leadership Development Coach in New Zealand. They also explore the differences between New Zealand bogans and Georgian rednecks. Their discussion comparing various work cultures around the world continues on in the second part of the episode.

You can also find Nolan's book, Living with the In-Laws, for more about his experience with Walden in New York.

You can access the transcript here.

E6 - Part 2 - Exploring Mental Health and other Cultural Difference between Japan and North America

Ikue Ueno and Nolan Yuma continue talking about mental health. They also dive into Ikue's personal acculturation story and the struggles of adapting to an "imperfect" Canada from a "perfect" Japan.

Ikue explains what she does at Human Garage Project. You can contact her via Link Tree or Instagram.

You can access the transcript here.

E5 - Exploring Mental Health and other Cultural Difference between Japan and North America

Nolan Yuma and Ikue Ueno discuss the different ways Japan and Canada address mental health issues. They also discuss how culture shapes work ethic and self-esteem. Ikue draws from her immigration and acculturation experience to explain what it feels like to be Japanese and Canadian.

Visit Ikue's LinkTree to learn more about Ikue's professional dance life and the Human Garage Project.

Most of the information Nolan Yuma used was from the textbook Cultural Psychology by Steven J. Heine.

You can access the transcript here.

E4 - Sailing Across the Atlantic & Brotherly Love

Two brothers, Nolan Yuma Janssens and Yano Peter Janssens, compare and contrast their childhood experiences. They discuss their identity crisis as third-culture children trying to find a sense of home. Yano also talks about what it's like to sail across the Atlantic on a tall ship, and Nolan opens up about his depression.

You can access the transcript here.

E3 - A Vegetarian in Spain

Ruben de Libano is a Spanish content creator who fell in love with the UK. He talks about what it's like to be a vegetarian and reducitarian in Spain. We also go over some of the cultural differences between the UK and Spain.

To learn more about minimalistic photography and content creation, check out IG @captura.tu.negocio

You can access the transcript here.

E2 - A Nomadic Life With a Child During COVID.

Nick Synnott has written for Lonely Planet and worked in various businesses around the world. He's lived a nomadic lifestyle throughout his adult life, and now he's doing it with his newborn child. Check out the episode to learn how Nick pulls it off. He also has some incredible travel stories from during the COVID pandemic.

Follow him at IG @Nicksynnotttravel.

You can access the transcript here.

E1 - An Easier Life in Sri Lanka than the UK

Renuke Samarsignhe (IG @Renukes) went from telling servants to pour him a cup of tea to being told to return to the jungle. Instead of returning home to Sri Lanka, he learned to fend for himself and deal with racism in the UK. Now he's a consultant successfully travelling the world. Check out the episode to learn more about his immigration process and how he pulls off his nomadic lifestyle.

You can access the transcript here.