First 5 Episodes: Transcripts + Language Notes

First 5 Episodes: Transcripts + Language Notes
Photo by Mohammad Metri / Unsplash

I launched the first five episodes to give people a better idea about the podcast. Last week, I launched the trailer:

Without Borders Trailer

And the first episode: An Easier Life in Sri Lanka than the UK

Renuke Samarsignhe went from telling servants to pour him a cup of tea to being told to return to the jungle. Instead of returning home to Sri Lanka, he learned to fend for himself and deal with racism in the UK. Now he's a consultant successfully travelling the world. Check out the episode to learn more about his immigration process and how he pulls off his nomadic lifestyle.

You can already access the transcript and language notes for this episode.

Since I didn't want to bombard you with four different newsletters in one day, I decided to attach a PDF for the next four episodes, which paid subscribers will find at the bottom of this article. After this launch, I will provide transcripts and language notes within an article instead of a PDF. If you're an ESL learner and want to see changes in the transcripts, please let me know in the comments.  

Episode 2 - A Nomadic Life With a Child During COVID

Nick Synnott has written for Lonely Planet and worked in various businesses around the world. He's lived a nomadic lifestyle throughout his adult life, and now he's doing it with his newborn child. Check out the episode to learn how Nick pulls it off. He also has some incredible travel stories from during the COVID pandemic.

Episode 3 - A Vegetarian in Spain

Ruben de Libano is a Spanish content creator who fell in love with the UK. He talks about what it's like to be a vegetarian and reducitarian in Spain. We also go over some of the cultural differences between the UK and Spain.
To learn more about minimalistic photography and content creation, check out Ruben's IG account.

Episode 4 - Sailing Across the Atlantic & Brotherly Love

Two brothers, Nolan Yuma Janssens and Yano Peter Janssens, compare and contrast their childhood experiences. They discuss their identity crisis as third-culture children trying to find a sense of home. Yano also talks about what it's like to sail across the Atlantic on a tall ship, and Nolan opens up about his depression.

Episode 5 - Exploring Mental Health and Other Cultural differences Between Japan and North America

Nolan Yuma and Ikue Ueno discuss the different ways Japan and Canada address mental health issues. They also discuss how culture shapes work ethic and self-esteem. Ikue draws from her immigration and acculturation experience to explain what it feels like to be Japanese and Canadian.

Visit Ikue's LinkTree to learn more about Ikue's professional dance life and the Human Garage Project.

You can find these episodes on all major podcast platforms. I included Spotify links because they embed the best with Ghost.

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