English on TikTok & Instagram

English on TikTok & Instagram
Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Science says TikTok has similar adverse neurological effects as dirty basement raves. Okay, science doesn’t say that. You should also never trust any article that starts with “Science says…” Well, except this one, of course.

Like other things that mess with dopamine and serotonin levels, 98% (I pulled that percentage out of my ass) of videos on TikTok will make three to five hours fly by and then leave you unfulfilled and depressed. Fortunately, there’s the 2% that will teach you something. I spend most of my social media time learning Spanish, but thanks to the algorithm noticing I’m passionate about language learning, I’ve found English teachers making entertaining and educational videos for English learners from the A1-C2 (beginner to advanced) level.

@Mikethechameleon has 8.7 million followers on TikTok and over 92 million likes. He might be a boomer, but he’s as TikTok savvy as a 14-year-old influencer. His pronunciation and pacing are excellent, and whereas one might argue his cadence is a bit over-the-top, it’s exactly what beginner students need. He also has videos for higher levels in which he explains some more complex grammar structures quickly. You can find out more about his Youtube Channel, Instagram, and English courses here.

Then there’s @Englishwitharchie, with close to a million followers and 2.6 million likes. His videos are similar to Mike’s, and he also uses Link Tree to guide you to his YouTube channel and English lessons. I prefer Archie’s more natural way of speaking, but others might like how Mike uses his mouth to demonstrate pronunciation. Archie is quite a bit younger than Mike, but both teaching styles are equally attractive to all age demographics. However, Archie’s magnificent moustache might draw a hipster’s attention. Archie and Mike do an excellent job teaching grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Even though they follow the CEFR framework, they both have fresh and new ways of grouping together vocabulary and concepts that you won’t see in the average textbook.

Another English teacher on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube is Oliver Gutridge. What’s unique about Gutridge is that he focuses on Spanish speakers learning English. He’s fluent in both languages and does an excellent job helping Spanish speakers with grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. I find his posts related to phrasal verbs especially useful for Spanish speakers.

Now, some of you might be wondering why I, an English teacher, am promoting the competition. Well, I believe in students finding the best fit. And as far as social media goes, I share my Spanish learning journey in the hopes of making people laugh and learn. I don’t create quick English learning videos because people like Mike, Archie, and Oliver already do an exceptional job. If you’re looking for one-on-one or group lessons, the best thing to do is find a teacher with whom you have a connection and who can best adapt to your learning style. Countless English teachers with similar credentials are equally passionate about the English language. An online English-teaching platform might hire a teacher based on credentials, passport, and an internet connection, but a student should choose the teacher based on who they want to keep coming back to each week. Language is about communication, so choosing a teacher you enjoy talking to is best.

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