E13 - Adjusting to France & How to Better Immigration

E13 - Adjusting to France & How to Better Immigration
Photo by ian dooley / Unsplash

Dexter Docherty, an oxford graduate now working in public policy, shares his insight on creating a fairer, borderless world and why every great city smells like pee. Keaton Jackson shares his experiences in France and Canada as Nolan guides the conversation from nudist spas, freezing your SS Johnson off, immigration, protests, how to create a more just world, and French food.

There were some issues with the sound quality, so I uploaded the entire episode to Youtube. The Youtube captions and our countenance make it easier to follow along.

I also kept it as an hour-long episode. I would love to know if you enjoyed the 30-minute of 1-hour episodes more. You can let me know in the comments, on Spotify, or by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down on the give feedback section on this post.

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