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So, who is Nolan Yuma?

I'm a writer, English teacher, guiri, actor, older brother, ocean lover, irritable cabron, hot sauce enthusiast, third culture child fascinated by cultural psychology—but mostly, I'm foreign as fuck. I can't help it. I was born in Santiago de Chile, took my first steps in Antwerp, Belgium, and grew up in British Columbia, Canada. And the moment I felt a deep sense of home in Vancouver, Canada, I fucked off to Spain.

Cool, cool, but why should I subscribe to your page?

Maybe you're inescapably foreign and have an endless thirst for trying new things. Perhaps you're a third-culture child with an identity crisis looking for a borderless community. Maybe you're looking for language learning tips or English lessons. Or possibly you just wanna have a good laugh at my expense—that's cool with me (especially if you get the paid subscription).

My goal is to form a community for those caught between cultures, share stories that limit polarization, and support projects that create equal opportunity. I want to break down borders.

How will you do that?

This is what you'll find:

  1. Essays promoting projects hoping to create a borderless world because the place you're born shouldn't define who you can become. Various products, podcasts, and blogs make it easier to become a global citizen and feel a sense of home for those whose roots aren't tied down to geography.
  2. Language learning tips. You can't truly understand a culture without exploring its language and vice versa. Anyone trying to sell you a one size fits all language learning method is talking out of their ass. You need to incorporate what works for you. Nothing is holding you back if you're looking to learn English for free. If you're looking for a teacher, you can learn more about my experience and style on my teaching page. But I don't want this to be another anglocentric and definitely not 'Merica-centric blog. Me da rabia cuando la gente que solo puede hablar inglés piensa que entiende los problemas y soluciones del mundo. If you don't understand someone or something, try to learn. And I use the word try because if you're anything like me, you'll occasionally fail and throw childish tantrums whenever a sentence structure that defies everything you've learned thus far fucks up your entire day. I've started to cope with my mistakes and help others with Errores De Un Guiri.
  3. My books and stories. Being borderless isn't only about breaking down cultural barriers; it's also about crossing the line and discovering your limitations (unless you don't have limits like Tommy Shelby). To paraphrase Ginger Baker: the best music doesn't fit in a box. The same goes for literature. Whether fiction or nonfiction, I try and sometimes fail to break free from culturally-learned fallacies. I'll be honest. I'll be wrong. I'll remain born with borders.
  4. The Without Borders Podcast is available on Amazon, Apple, Castbox, and Spotify through Anchor. Every week I interview nomads, expats, immigrants, refugees, third-culture children and anyone else that feels inescapably foreign.
  5. The Without Border Travel Series embraces slow travel and getting out of your comfort zone. I show you the vibes in non-touristy places or offer new perspectives in popular areas.

For those who want to appear on the podcast, collaborate or have any questions, please reach out to me at nolanyumawriter@gmail.com.

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